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Counseling in Boise and throughout Idaho

Therapy for children, teens, and adults 

You are searching for a counselor for yourself or a loved one. To get to this point there has most likely been a build up of sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration. You want to find the therapist that is just the perfect fit. I understand how difficult the search can be. There are a lot of options to choose from! First, I am open and accepting new clients. Second, I work extensively with children and teens and have a lot of experience with them. Lastly, I love to also work with adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and parenting issues. If you, or your loved one, falls into any of these categories I might just be that perfect fit. Give me a call. Ask me questions. Do a vibe check. I love meeting new people and will enjoy the chat even if I am not that perfect fit for you

I do have a small office in Boise and mostly serve Boise, Meridian, and Garden City clients at that location. Most of my session are done via teletherapy and are open to ALL residents in Idaho regardless of where in the state you live. I personally prefer teletherapy and if you do too, that is just another step towards being a perfect fit!

I am very active in researching trends and topics and do a lot of work with local and national news publications as an expert in the field. You can see me quoted in dozens of these outlets. Some you probably have heard of:


So whether you or your loved ones are dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or any other mental health issue, I am here to provide the compassionate and expert care that you deserve. Go ahead and book a free 10 minute consultation to see if we will be a that perfect fit. I will LOVE to have a chance to get to know you!

boise child therapist
boise teen therapist
Meridian therapist
Meridian teen therapy
Garden City therapist

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Or call 208.615.9828 to talk now (if no answer leave a voicemail and I will return your call promptly!)

Anxiety Therapy Boise
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 Child counseling boise
child therapy
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Guiding You Towards a Life of Balance

I'm Matt Schubert, a committed mental health counselor based in Boise, Idaho. My practice is dedicated to specializing in areas such as child therapy, parenting support, managing depression, coping with grief, and addressing anxiety.


As a parent you may often ponder how you can best support your child's well-being. As an adult you are struggling to find that inner peace in a life filled with demands. I firmly believe that therapy can be a transformative choice, and I am eager to play a role in restoring peace and wellness to you and your family

I do focus primarily on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and play therapy (with "littles"). Through convenient telehealth sessions, you or your loved ones can receive care from the comfort of home. Together, we'll build resilience, foster personal growth, and overcome obstacles!


I believe in the transformative power of therapy and will support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey towards improved mental well-being together

Call: 208.615.9828. I would LOVE to talk with you. If no answer, I am probably with a client so leave a voicemail and I will call you back promptly

Boise child therapy

Take the first step towards your well-being at Gem State Wellness with a 50-minute session with one of our therapists - prioritize your mental health today.

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